18|8 Fine Men's Salon


18|8 Fine Men's Salons is a growing men's hair salon franchise catering to an image-conscious and discerning target demographic. The focus of this home page exploration was to give the main call to action enough prominence while pushing the brand in a new and engaging direction.


UI/UX Project Designer

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188 Salon

Landing Page Design UI

188 Salon


To push the boundaries of 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon’s brand proposition. As one of the first men’s salons providing boutique-level services including full grooming advice, it was important to visually reflect how unique their product was from the competition.

Current Design in Production

188 Salon Prod


To push the boundaries visually for the brand while communicating 18|8's core brand attributes; an experience of the highest quality, personalized service, and craft. In my quick turnaround example, I also wanted to communicate a seasonal aspect, reinforcing the importance of personal appearance as Fall activities began. As an ongoing branding strategy, a different design treatment would follow for each season throughout the year.

Redesigned Page Layout

188 Mens Hair Salons


This design exploration relied heavily on visuals to communicate 18|8’s value proposition. A lifestyle-centered approach, based on visual storytelling rather than descriptive copy, doesn’t work everywhere but made for especially strong impact in this case.

18|8 Fine Men's Salons Offers a Full Range Of Styling Services For Men Including Haircuts and Shaves.

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