GreekBill is a SaaS software for managing the daily operations of academic membership organizations worldwide. Memberplanet is their parent company and shares much of GreekBills business model and technology. The tool includes robust functionality including fundraising, account maintenance, an extensive dues collection module, and light event marketing.


I took over the Design Lead role and was tasked with continuation of product build out based partly on direction available from work-in-progress designs.

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GreekBill UI

GreekBill onaScreen


Develop a new design system and refine user workflows, integrating functions across modules when possible. Identify gaps in functionality and produce strategies to address those gaps.


A redesign of GreekBill’s first-generation site was already underway when I was brought in to continue identifying and building out new features. My strategy for bridging functional gaps started with interviewing internal Service Specialists and several House Managers. Interviews revealed that a fair percentage of House Managers, our target users, accessed the platform primarily for a handful of specific tasks; group management for example. It was clear that our users would benefit greatly from better cross-functional integration and a modern design system that made it easier for them to accomplish infrequent tasks.

Member Roster

GreekBill Member Roster


The design for member roster included some key UI decisions in regards to data display and handling of bulk actions. After researching anecdotal stories through the lens of available analytics, it became clear that our interactions were built for smaller data sets rather than the real-life conditions experienced by many managers of large groups.

My solution for deciding on which data to display in our top-level grids was to define a hierarchy of importance based on the user's ability to easily accomplish the most critical tasks ie. those that were related to billing. Data that was non-payment related was pushed to the member details level as shown below.

Member Profile Detail View

GreekBill Memeber Details

Member Profile Early Sketch

GreekBill Member Details

GreekBill is a SaaS software for managing the daily operations of academic membership organizations worldwide.