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Handstand was a local start up that provided personal trainer services on demand. With a mobile product completed, the desktop site was next for a major functionality upgrade and site redesign.


Design Lead working closely with the Owner and CEO.

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The first-generation Handstand mobile product had launched successfully and the company's focus was turned to their desktop product. A full redesign and build-out from the existing brochure site to a robust, fully functional scheduling website was their next priority.

The mobile workflow had significant barriers for first-time users which we aimed to address in the desktop application. The workflow reflected in the 1st and 2nd Generation Worklow graphic below shows a change in the placement of login, allowing the user to first select a class and trainer before requiring credentials.

An important requirement was to include a detail page for trainers, allowing them to edit their profile with interesting tidbits of information about their interests, work-out philosophy, short testimonials, and related information.


The desktop solution could include a number of features that were out of scope in the first generation of mobile application but it was the workflow that we focused on first. Moving login from the beginning of the selection process to later on in the workflow reduced friction for users by allowing them to find the best combination of trainer, class, location, and time before requiring login or account setup.

Because committing to an unknown trainer was also understood to be a barrier to engagement we did some research in the form of interviews to determine what kind of information customers might want to know about the trainer they were considering training with. The first iteration appears below and features quotes from the trainers themselves, testimonials and links to social media.

The redesigned homepage (shown below) was a late iteration on featuring the class types and price point of Handstand. Pricing per month varied regionally which was a significant challenge for the business model.

Landing Page Layout


User Workflow

Handstand Workflow


As expected, changing the location of login in the workflow proved to be a key success story for this project.

The new Trainer Profile page (shown below) was also a hit but required a reach out effort to the trainers who were asked to provide new information for their profile page. Unfortunately, those efforts seemed to have limited success. The best of ideas can only work if everyone involved does their part!

Trainer Profile Page

Volunteer Flow


The desktop solution for HandStand was a huge leap forward for the company, pushing it well past the capabilities of the mobile app. Inspired partly by the findings from our research, the company CEO was ready to return to the mobile product once again to make significant changes which would bring the two products more closely in alignment.

Handstand was a start up using the gig economy model to help people find personal trainers anywhere.

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