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NZXT is a manufacturer of high end gaming computer systems and components. The focus for this home page redesign was to reinforce visually what makes NZXT a unique brand within the gaming world.


Freelance Designer

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A design exploration of the home page. The visual reinforcement had to communicate NZXTs brand attributes first and foremost. There were three specific design goals in this exploration;

  1. The first CTA on the page had to direct users to the Products section.
  2. Introduction a new interactive component on the page. The exact nature was up to the designer to determine.
  3. Include a call out for 24/7 Support.
Extra points could be earned by integrating one of their game cobranding options. The design effort was aggressively time-boxed at 12 hours.


I wanted to visually reinforce the quality and attention to design that are staples of the NZXT brand. The strategy I used was simple, by reducing both copy and design elements more space was available to spotlight the interactive component, in this case a color picker which changed the case colors and internal lighting combinations. The lighting combinations would provide the "wow" factor by way of an animation that glowed in the selected color combination.

Because the time constraint was a major driving factor in deciding which assets and properties could be used, I relied on how often content appeared in the production site along with results from web searches. My research pointed towards Player Unknown Battlegrounds as a gaming property that had broad audience appeal and strong visuals so I decided to integrate that property into my homepage redesign. The company's specialized CRFT cases also highlight its commitment to the gaming community.

Revised Design

NZXT home page exploration


Exploratory designs with specic asks but few constraints can be among the biggest challenges a designer faces. They can also move design forward quickly with huge immediate impact. This quick turnaround design was a valuable reminder of how important open and direct communication between client and designer is.

Production Design (before)

NZXT Old Version

NZXT produces high end PC components and gaming systems. They maintain a strong presence in the gaming community.

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